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A quick note on the economy

There has been much crowing on the left, including the libertarian left, over the announcement of a contraction in the economy. There has been much glee over the position this puts the Tories in, and it is true, this government’s policies have probably contributed.

We should not however let Labour and the rest of the ruling class off the hook. Economies are complex things and little happens immediately, we are bound to be seeing some effects of the last government’s policies continuing for some time.

We must not lose sight of the fact that these economic problems, which are disproportionately hitting the working class, are not simply the product of the current Tory/LibDem government, they are the product of the entire capitalist system.

It does not matter whether the Tories or Labour are in charge, the root of the issue is the same, capitalism and the state.

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About Time

Its about time I started blogging again. I quit after a long decline in my blogging which coupled with a reassessment of some of my views.

The main reassessment was the final abandonment of party politics as a vehical for any real change. Combine this with an ever increasing appreciation of the full extent of authority in our lives and the damage this does (an appreciation which sadly keeps on growing) and I have increasingly identified with the libertarian left.

As much as I hate labels, I suppose you could call me an individualist or market anarchist, although I have strong syndicalist leanings too and prefer anarchism without adjectives.

The market portion may cause problems for some – but what should be understood is that today’s markets are the product of huge amounts of privilege and authority acting over hundreds of years. They are far from the freed market in which all exchanges are purely voluntary for mutual benefit. The right and left in general sadly conflate existing markets with free markets and either support the status quo as a ‘free market’ or attack markets as producing the inequity we see today.

I am an individualist in the sense that the individual must be at the root of all liberty. Maximum equal liberty must exist or else we cannot be free. That however does not negate the role of community in our society. Community and solidarity are necessary to secure that individual liberty.

I hope to espouse on these and many more topics further, and of course, the nature of debate may be to change my views in the future (as debate has changed my views so far in my life)

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